Serafia Justiina Sario

Serafia Sario (née Vaismaa) was born 1.5.1865 in Isokyrö and died 17.3.1917 in Vaasa. She got married in 1890 with Matti Sario from Isokyrö.

Matti took a lower degree in jurisdiction at Helsinki University. The family moved to Vaasa, where the children were born, exept the eldest one of the six children.

Matti Sario had several posts in govermental services. According to the general custom mother Serafia took care of the children and household. Because she had lived in a cultivated family in her youth, she could also support her husband in tasks outside home, e.g. in public activities concerning the national awakening and the years of oppression in Finland.

Serafia Sario’s children

Onni Arvo Sario ( 1891-1963)

Seere Maria Salminen (née Sario) (1896-1977)

Markku Samuel Sario (1896-1920)

Martta Anttila (née Sario) ( 1898-1969)

Ruth Ester Olsson (née Sario) ( 1900-1972)

Eino Sario (1907-1909)