Sanni Matilda Pirilä

Sanni Matilda was born 13.7.1875 in Isokyrö and died 2.11.1959 in Tampere. She got married with Matti Pirilä in Isokyrö church. At first the family lived in Ilmajoki and Isokyrö cultivating Jouppila farm. Their five daughters were born in Southern Ostrobotnia .

In the 1910’s the family moved to Savo , to a large cattle farm Heimolan Hovi. Their son Heimo was born there. At the end of the decade they moved to Uotila farm in Suinula, Kangasala, where the youngest child was born. In 1921 they moved to Tampere, Hämeenpuisto Park Street. The family owned also Uramo villa in Tahmela district. The year 1933 was again a time of changes. The Piriläs bought an estate called Valkila in Pirkkala. They cultivated this farm until 1956. Then Sanni and Matti sold the estete and moved toTampere. However, Kesämäki villa in the neighbourhood of Valkila was their summer home. There Sanni spent summers even after her husband’s death.

Sanni Pirilä’s character was social, adaptable and friendly. For the grandchildren she was a Granny, who was easy to approach. She took part in local activities in Pirkkala, e.g. Martta-organisation. On weekdays Sanni used an apron and walked around taking care of the garden. She was also responsible for the henhouse.

Sanni had several duties beside her husband, being both a farmer’s and a businessman’s wife.Sanni cared for the welfare of herself and her nearest ones. She loved her family and relatives a lot. Southern Ostrobotnia was an important area for her. During the Winter War and the Continuation War she and Valkila offered many relatives a place to withdraw from the bombings of big cities. The Piriläs were active in congregations, at first in the Free Evangelical Church of Finland. In 1951 they joined the Lutheran Church.

matti ja sanni pSanni (née Vaismaa) and Matti Pirilä’s diamond wedding

Sanni Pirilä’s children

Ester Elina Haarla ( née Pirilä) (1900-1992)

Rauha Elisabet Puroma (née Pirilä) ( 1902-2003)

Aino Ilona Jokinen (née Pirilä) ( 1907-2002)

Rakel Maria Purola (née Pirilä) ( 1910-1967)

Hilja Susanna Linnakorpi (née Pirilä) ( 1912- 1985)

Heimo Matias Pirilä ( 1917-1960)

Paavo Johannes Pirilä) (1920- 1944)