Matti Israelinpoika Vaismaa

Matti Vaismaa was born 29.12. 1874 in Isokyrö and died 9.8. 1940 in Ilmajoki.

Matti was quite young when he became the master of her wife’s home farm called Mattila in Palhojainen village in Isokyrö. For three decades he cultivated the largest farm of the village. Matti was active in local policy. He had several positions of trust: the municipal treasurer, a lay member, the chairman in the board of farmers´ association and the chairman in the governmental board of public roads.

In his youth Matti experienced a strong spiritual awakening. He joined the Free Evangelical Church in Finland after the Law of Religious Freedom had been implemented in 1923. He donated a piece of land in Alapää village in Isokyrö. A new prayerhouse was built there and this house is still in active use at the same place.

The master of a large farmhouse wanted to try farming somewhere else, too. In 1914 he bought with his brother Juho and his brother-in-law Matti Pirilä a big farm called Heimolan Hovi in Joroinen.Their wives did not like the idea of moving to Savo. That’s why after some years Matti and Juho sold out their interests of the farm to the Piriläs.

In the general parcelling out of land in Finland the Mattila farmhouse was ordained to be removed to the border of Vöyri. Matti decided to sell it and bought a house from Lilius, which was situated in Ikola village in Isokyrö. Then in autumn 1931 Matti bought a farmhouse called Lusa in Ilmajoki Saarakkala. It was sold in a compulsory auction. Next year he moved there with his family.

Matti’s son Eino became the master of the farmhouse in 1938 and a new house was built for Matti and Sofia for life annuity at the same farmyard.

Matti Vaismaa’s children

Jaakko Ilmari Matinpoika Vaismaa (1896-1907)

Paavo Matinpoka Vaismaa (1898-1947)

Viljo Johannes Vaismaa (1901-1908)

Elli Elisabeth Vaismaa (1903-1963)

Aune Sanni Vaismaa (1906-1906)

Kaarlo Matias Vaismaa (1907-1912)

Eino Aarne Vaismaa (1910-2004)

Aini Sofia Vaismaa ( 1912-1978)

Rauha Maria Vaismaa (1914-2011)