Juho Kustaa Waismaa

Juho Waismaa was born 21.11.1884 in Isokyrö and died 6.2.1933 in Tampere.

After the grade school Juha studied in the Agricultural school in Orisberg. He stayed in the United States during the years 1902-1908. Then he studied in the Cantor school in Viipuri. He left off these studies, although he was a very musical person.

In 1914 Juho together his brother Matti and his brother-in-law Matti Pirilä bought an estate called Heimolan Hovi in Suonenjoki. Juho was the master and cultivated their common farm, while the two Mattis took care of their own farms in Southern Ostrobotnia. It turned out to be difficult for three owners to take care of this estate.So, the brothers sold their interests to their brother-in-law.

Juho left for Vaasa and found there Saimi Nieminen.He had met her earlier at summer festivals, she was an old friend.They got married in 1918. In 1920 they moved to Tampere, where Juho earned his living as a house-owner. He got also enthusiastic about cars, bought a car and became a taxi-driver. The family spent summers in the countryside, e.g. In Lempäälä. They used to drive by car around Finland in summers.

Juho’s character was social, smiling and he was an expected guest in his childhood home. Juho’s death was caused by a longtime heart disease. Juho had lost his mother when he was 13 years old. Now his sons lost their father as early as at the ages of 10 and 7..

Juho Waismaa’s children

Esko Jussi Waismaa (1922-1958)

Veikko Erkki Waismaa (1925-2010)