Jaakko Vaismaa

Jaakko Vaismaa was born 27.7.1862 and died 28.1.1941 in Isokyrö. Jaakko got married in 1892 with Susanna Mattila.

He bought a part of Sevon’s large farm from the widow of his uncle Mats Sevon. Jaakko and Susanna started their married life by farming Sevon’s fields. They built their family a new house just beside Sevon’s house.

At the end of 1890’s there was a general parcelling out of land in Isokyrö. The result was that their new-built house and all the other buildings should have been removed. In 1901 Jaakko decided to sell his house and redeemed the Vaismaa farmhouse from his parents and siblings. In 1902 he got the deed of title. So, Jaakko became the original farmhouse’s master and together with his wife Susanna they were the continuators of Israel and Susanna.

Jaakko Vaismaa was a hard-working and skilful farmer, but he was not – like father Israel- socially active. He was rather an introvert, peaceful and fiendly farmhouse’s master. However, an evidence about his skills is the fact that he worked as a municipal treasurer for three years.

Jaakko Vaismaa’s children

Sanna Matilda Vaismaa (Sanni) (1893-1981)

Maria Aurora (Maiju) Hirsimäki ( née Vaismaa) ( 1896-1985)

Toivo Israel Vaismaa (1898- 1975)

Kaarlo Jaakko Vaismaa (1904-1985)

Eeli Johannes Vaismaa (1909- 1988)