Isak Penttala

Isak Penttala (former Vaismaa) was born in 1860 and died in 1935 in Isokyrö. He got marrried   in 1884 with Kreeta Vilhelmiina Matintytär Mattila (1836-1950).

Isak Penttala became a a farmhouse’s master in 1886 when he bought a farm called Penttala in Palonkylä village in Isokyrö. Then he changed his surname Vaismaa for the name of the farm.

He took a great interest in mechanizing of agriculture and he was also a member of cattle breeders’ board. In addition, he built a combined mill and sawmill in the rapids of the Kyrönjoki river. It was situated between the village Tuurala and the Church.

Penttala was one of the founders of the first dairy in Isokyrö. He was also one of the starters of Isokyrö cooperative for purchase and sales, which later developed and became Isokyrö cooperative retail society. Penttala worked as a chief in Isokyrö Poor Relief and Isokyrö Fire Insurance Association.

Isak Penttala was a respective repesentative in Vapaakirkko (Free Evangelical Church in Finland) He donated Free Church members a piece of land for a cemetery of their own. Furthermore, he built a prayerhouse near the river. It was humouristically called Isak’s church.

He earns to be respected as one of the most remarkable persons in his home municipality both in agricultural and cooperative matters plus in managing of many other demanding tasks as well.

The children of Isak Penttala

Matti Israel Iisakinpoika Penttala (1885-1917)

Kaarlo Fabian Iisakinpoika Penttala ( 1887-1931)

Isak Aarno Iisakinpoika Penttala (1889-1975)

Viljo Johannes Iisakinpoika Penttala ( 1891- 1966)

Väinö Verner Penttala ( 1897- 1976)

Lempi Maria Issakintytär Knaapi ( née Penttala) (1899- 1981)