Family products

In the family reunion on the 3rd of August the family members have an opportunity to buy the family book and some products on which the family logo of the Family Society is used. At least the following products are available.

Family book
The book tells about the phases and members of the family. Its name is Vaismaan sukua and it was published in summer 2008.There are some books left. and now you can buy them cheap at the price of 20 euros (the normal price is 35 €)

Handy bag
The handy bags are made of cloth, decorated with the family logo, easy to carry with. You can buy them in the family reunion, the price is about 5 euros.

Book mark
Book marks will also be made with the family logo. You can buy them in the family reunion at the price of one euro each.

The board 21.5.2013

The time of the family reunion is drawing closer

The members of the Vaismaa Family Society will gather in the family reunion and celebration on Saturday, the third of August in Taulaniemi, Tampere Teisko. The program of the meeting is almost ready.

We will start with lunch at 12 o’clock. It is followed by the official meeting of the Family Society. Various interesting program will continue until 8 pm. In the afternoon we will see and hear an introduction of a prominent person of the family. The researcher Riikka Pennanen is going to present us with film samples the life-work of the scriptwriter, author and journalist Serp ( Seere Salminen née Sario). In the evening we will watch a part of the series “Suomisen perhe”, the scriptwriter of which Seere was under the pseudonym Tuttu Paristo. Music is going to wing the whole program of the family reunion.

During the official meeting and the concert of Tapio Waismaa & co the children will have their own program arranged by Piijo Holmas.

The invitation to the family reunion will be sent in the beginning of June. Attached to it there is the advice how to be registered, information about the fees and the final program. We should get the registrations as early as the end of June because of the arrangements of the meeting place.

It is possible to stay overnight in Taulaniemi. You have to reserve a cottage yourself. The cottages have kitchens and fridges, so its better to take food staff for evening and breakfast or maybe sausages for a campfire. The web site address is www. You can also book an accommodation at some hotel in Tampere and its surroundings.

The board 21.5.2013

The membership fee of the Family Society

At present the membership fee is 10 euros. It is possible to become a life time member by paying 100 euros. The account number is FI30 1146 3500 6975 67. Please, write in the notice whose fees you are paying (children, wife, husband, yourself). The fees of last year and this year will be used for the expenses of the family reunion.

The board 4.4.2013

The family reunion in August 2013

The next family reunion, which is the second in order will be arranged on August 3rd in 2013 in Tampere Teisko. The meeting place is Taulaniemi holiday resort situated by the clean water Taulajärvi lake. The place called Kämmenniemi is 25 km to the north of Tampere centre, it takes half an hour to drive there. On their websites you can find information, the map of the place and the directions how to drive there.(

At present the programme of the family union is being prepared. The place has been reserved for the whole Saturday.

You can stay overnight before and after the family reunion at the resort by paying for the accommodation yourself. Please, take contact direct to Taulaniemi. There are many alternatives of standards and prices for accommodation in the environment of natural beauty. There is also a possibility for camping.

The board of the Family Society gives information about the family reunion mostly through these websites. The sites have been opened also in English and especially the English information will be given on the websites.

The board of the Family Society would be happy to get ideas and suggestions for the programme of the family reunion. The contact person is the vice chairman of the board Annikka Waismaa,, tel. 0400 975482.

The board 4.4.2013

The websites of the Vaismaa Family Society have been opened on June 12th in 2012

Welcome to the websites of the Vaismaa Family Society. The sites are meant to tell you about the family, the Family Society and its current affairs, the most important of which is the family reunion arranged every 5th year. The next reunion will be in August 2013.

Through these sites a person who belongs to the family has the possibility to announce to a member in the Family Society. In addition, through these sites the family data base is updated. The board of the Family Society wishes that people could send information about newborn babies, new marriages, deaths etc. The forms are on the site of the Family Society.

Furthermore, through these sites stories about the Vaismaa family are collected. Family members can send for example written stories or pictures concerning family events. The board of the Family Society wants to get stories both about the past and the present times. The forms for the stories are on the site of Stories.

The technical implementation is made by Kristian Silorinne, who belongs to Kaukonen family branch.

The board 12.6.2012.