Hedvig Vilhelmiina Kaukonen

Vilhelmiina Kaukonen (née Vaismaa) was born in in Isokyrö 7.3.1858 and died in Ylistaro 14.6.1919. She married Fabian Kaukonen in 1877.

The couple got nine children. Three of them died when they were very little and one of them died just after the birth.

Vilhelmiina Kaukonen lived as a housewife and at the same time worked at the farmhouse with her husband. Their farm was called Rinta-Kaukola and was situated in Ylistaro.

The children of Vilhelmiina Kaukonen:

Hilda Maria (Maija) Fabianintytär Ritamäki (former Palssi, née Kaukonen) (1880-1953)

Susanna Elisabet (Sannu) Fabianintytär Multamäki (née Kaukonen) (1881-1952)

Lempi Sofia Fabianintytär Kaukonen (1882-1885)

Jaakko Fabianinpoika Kaukonen (1885-1885)

Sofia (Fiiu) Fabianintytär Perttu (née Kaukonen) (1886-1959)

Matilda Vilhelmiina (Mimmi) Fabianintytät Takaluoma (née Kaukonen) (1888-1966)

Iida Olivia (Viivi) Fabianintytär Alanko (née Kaukonen) (1893- 1983)

Jaakko Fabian Kaukonen (1895-1898)

Emmi Fabianintytär Kaukonen (born and died just after the birth)