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Vaismaa Family
Over 475 years in the history
vaismaa family

Over 475 years in the history - AND, we are proud of every minute of it!

Family Book

The Vaismaa Family I
Descendants of Susanna and Israel

The family book called The Vaismaa Family I, Descendants of Susanna and Israel was published in the first family reunion of the Family Society in August 2008. The biggest part of the 250 pages consist of 412 genealogical tables.

Vaismaa Family I is larger than most genealogical researches. There is not only information about births, deaths, marriages, children, dwelling places and social positions. Many family members have told freely about their life and therefore the book gives an interesting sociological sample of a peasant family’s phases in Southern Ostrobothnia during 150 years.

As a preface there is a story about the establishment of the Family Society. There are also articles about the history of the Vaismaa family, the progenitors Susanna and Israel Vaismaa and some of the family’s prominent persons, whose footsteps lead from Isokyrö until Himalaya mountains and Haiti.

The family book should be found on every family member’s bookshelf. Some books of the first edition are still available.

The book is available only in Finnish

Complementary information, changes, corrections

There are always mistakes even in a distinguished book. New babies are born, people get married, some family members die etc. The board of the Family Society wishes that each family member could check the knowledge about him/herself and his/her nearest relatives.

The Family book is based on a wide family data base, which is updated by the family society. Please, send the complementary information, mistakes, missing and changed information to the Family Society’s e-mail address The board asks you to mention the number of the genealogical table, so the information surely comes to the right place.

The data base is only used for publishing sequels or complementary pages. No knowledge is given to outside people. Family members will be informed if our information is used for research.

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