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Vaismaa Family
Over 475 years in the history
vaismaa family

Over 475 years in the history - AND, we are proud of every minute of it!

The Family Society

The Vaismaa Family Society  was established on February 13th, 2007 for the communication of the descendants of the nine children of Mr. Israel Isaac’s son (Iisakinpoika) Vaismaa (1836-1915), and of Mrs. Susanna Carl’s daughter (Kaarlenpoika) Vaismaa (formerly Sevón, 1839-1897), and for the research and following of the family’s history.

Israel and Susanna got married on May 15th, 1857. In this marriage were joined Vaismaa’s deeply-rooted peasant family from Isokyrö and the Sevón family, originally from Paimio, of priests, cantors and civil servants. Susanna’s grandfather, Carl Sevón, became a cantor in Isokyrö in 1813.

Israel Vaismaa was an influential person of his time: educated in various subjects and a socially enlightened man. He was among the Isokyrö Folk School’s (elementary school) founders, and he even designed the school’s sketches. He was likewise among the Vaasa Finnish-language Lyceum’s (high school) founders. He was a long-time chairman of the municipal assembly and of the municipal board. He strongly promoted the Fennoman cause and he participated, as a representative of the Isokyrö town, in the Great Embassy which gave the Russian Emperor Nicholas II the Finnish people’s address against the 1899 February Manifesto and its aim to Russify Finland.

Israel and Susanna Vaismaa worked during their lives by managing their farmhouse and farm.

The Vaismaa Family Society organized its first family reunion in Isokyrö in August 2008. In this family reunion were published the family research and the family book prepared on the basis of the research, Of the Vaismaa Family I: Descendants of Susanna and Israel.

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