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Vaismaa Family

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The Family Branches

About Vaismaa Family

The Vaismaa family is a Southern Ostrobothnian peasant family, whose history has been researched until the 16th century. The houses and lands of the Vaismaa family and of the families linked to it through different marriages are in the Palonkylä village of the town of Isokyrö, on the shore of the Lehmäjoki River (Cow River), a tributary of the Kyröjoki River.

Other spellings of the Vaismaa family’s original house have also been Vaesmaa and Vahesmaa, based on which the name’s meaning can also be traced. Vahe, or vahes in the Isokyrö dialect, means for example a shady place, roof or shield and exchange, which can be considered as the most probable original source of the Vaismaa house’s name.

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